Consultancy work by Birley HIA


We undertake and support Health Impact Assessment fieldwork in many countries – contact us for details.


We have extensive global experience – contact us for details. Our experience includes countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, S.E. Asia, Europe and S America.

Telephone consultations are available. For a confidential service, please request a telephone consultation. The first 60 minutes are currently offered free of charge. You will be quoted a rate for further time.


We undertake deskwork in support of HIA projects in numerous locations.

Delegates at Rotterdam HIA conference discuss spatial evidence. Copyright


Reviews, critiques and appraisals: external, independent, third party.

Rapid Health Impact Assessment appraisals.

Bid appraisal.

Sectors and Subjects

Contact us for details about the sectors in which we work. Our experience includes:


Discussing flood control in Bangladesh. Copyright


Spatial planning and housing

Children gambling in England. Copyright



Extractive industries and financial sector

Mining copper in the Philippines. Copyright

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