Unsolicited Testimonials

“He is the best HIA practitioner in the world” Robert Goodland (formerly World Bank Environmental Director)

“I heard very positive feedback from both days and people were really inspired to learn more – the object of the exercise. I wish you both success in future endeavours and have no doubt we will be calling on your skills in the future.” Dr A Martin, Health Director, BP

Dr Martin Birley discussing mitigation in an energy constrained world. Copyright Tropix.co.uk.

“I will like to congratulate you … There is no doubt that the training is a huge success. I truly benefit a lot.” HSE (Environmental) Specialist, Abuja, Nigeria

“It was an eye opener to health professionals. The training course was well organized and coordinated by both the organizers and the facilitators. All participants were given working materials. The training workshop was attended by participants from various disciplines ranging from health, environment, industries, social academicians to chemical engineer and other relevant disciplines. The workshop training course was detailed involving field trip, administering questionnaires to the communities. The participants were divided into 4 training groups with 6 participants per training groups and each group made presentation after each module. There were role play on HIA especially on HIV/AIDS as it will affect the workforce and communities” Chief Environmental Health Officer, Abuja, Nigeria

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