Our Policies

Confidentiality of client information is of paramount importance at Birley HIA.

We subscribe to the IAIA code of ethics.

We subscribe to the international standards for ethical medical research.

We minimise our ecological and carbon footprint through our use of resources and modes of transportation.

  • We use bikes, trains and buses rather than planes and private cars whenever possible.
  • We offset unavoidable plane travel using the most reputable method we can find. This is usually by retiring carbon credits.
  • We charge the cost of offset to our customers whenever we can as a necessary business expense.
  • We reduce our paper usage, generate less waste, take care about what we eat and control our office temperature.

We regard climate change, peak oil, inequality, social gradients and poverty as major determinants of health.

We seek to involve the stakeholder community in open and transparent assessments.

All our projects are handled by principals, delegation is limited and supervised.


Monitoring and reporting

  • Between 2011-12 we reduced our gas heating and associated CO2 emissions by about 21% as a result of retrofitting external cladding to our building.
  • Between 2004 and 2012 we reduced our building’s electricity consumption by about 60% as a result of purchasing more efficient appliances, installing LED lighting and installing PV panels.
  • We have offset all our business flights, through one of two schemes: CO2Balance which purchases from developing economy projects¬†and¬†Sandbag which retires carbon credits.