We undertake and support Health Impact Assessment fieldwork in many countries – contact us for details.



  • There are no global standards for competences in Health Impact Assessment and no professional bodies that certify competence.
  • There is a growing need for the development of competency frameworks.
  • We have experience of frameworks for managing critical competency in Health, Safety, Security and Environment functions. We can provide advice on appropriate competences for specific HIAs.


We associate with other colleagues in the field of HIA throughout the world to undertake projects as required. This is particularly valuable for large complex projects. It enables us to bring different skills to an assessment and to offer a range of staff rates depending on the seniority required for each task.


Project owners and lead contractors often need assistance with the location and assessment of suitably qualified Health Impact Assessment consultants. We can help. We have an extensive and global network of contacts with our peer group that has been developed over many years.

Introduction service between Health Impact Assessment consultants and environmental impact agencies, industry, government, NGOs and others.

Rapid response to urgency of bid requirements

Competency screening of proposed Health Impact Assessment consultants.


2020 HIA for outline planning consent for residential development in Scotland.

2019-20 Quality control and assurance for the health component of an oil industry ESHIA in the Middle East.

2018-9 Quality control and assurance for the health component of a gas project in W Africa.

2017 Retained as adviser to High Speed Rail, UK (HS2)

Additional consultancy for ADB on Vietnam HIA Guidelines and demonstration projects

2016/7 Two-year contract with three other colleagues as Asian Development Bank HIA Advisory Team. Our focus was ADB itself and the five countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-region. I was responsible for Research and Development.

2015 Diverse HIA inputs to EIA at Jacobs, mostly associated with highways and rail.

2014 Tanzania energy project.

2013 Qatar, Tanzania, Ukraine, Greenland, Bulgaria – energy projects

2012 HIA of tight gas fracking project in Ukraine; HIA adviser for hydropower project in Tanzania; further work for Thames Tidal Super Sewer, London.

2011/2 HIA as part of ESHIA for oilfield redevelopment in S Iraq



We are frequently commissioned to provide independent reviews, critiques, appraisals, and quality assurance. Contact us for details.

Our appraisals include bids, Terms of Reference, policies and procedures, scoping reports, baseline reports, community consultations, Health Impact Statements, recommendations, management plans, health in environmental and social assessments, and integration with other assessments such as ESHIA and SEA.


We have extensive global experience including in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Asia, S.E. Asia, Europe, and South America. Contact us for details


Please request a telephone consultation. The first 60 minutes are currently offered free of charge or obligation.

We frequently provide senior advisory, backstop, services from our desktop. We support local consultants on HIA projects in many countries, such as Oman and Ecuador.


We undertake and support Health Impact Assessment fieldwork in many countries – contact us for details

Spatial planning and housing

Extractive industries and financial sector

Water resources

BirleyHIA – safeguarding community health

BirleyHIA consultants undertake HIA for Local Authorities, private & public sector organisations in collaboration with project sponsors, regulatory authorities, local communities, and other stakeholders; and within internationally accepted professional codes of practice. The firm also runs HIA training and workshops for individuals and organisations.