We have run HIA training courses and workshops in many countries with many partners

Key Services

Course Design and Management
Course Delivery and Facilitation
Internet / intranet / other remote HIA courses
Person to person courses in Health Impact Assessment
Training programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation


  • non-medical / non-academic audiences
  • medical / health / academic audiences
  • key speaker on HIA at international conferences and workshops

Mentoring of HIA research students and fellows, as well as course participants, is available at all levels

Courses can be run at any time and in any part of the world, according to demand.

HIA course – Awareness (Level 1)

Birley HIA Awareness training courses last half to one day. Their audience can include:

  • Newcomers to Health Impact Assessment
  • Managers and advisers, such as HSE managers, project managers
  • Other decision makers

HIA course – Knowledge (Level 2)

  • The Birley HIA Knowledge course is designed to be lecture-free and involves small-group, task-based training.  Duration varies but is up to one week.
  • Always tailored to client needs
  • Include or exclude integration with environmental and social impact assessment
  • Courses for the public sector and private sectors
  • Water resources and oil and gas sector are two of our specialities
  • Discounts available for non-government organisations

Courses available:

All our courses are run at our client’s request and are scheduled to their convenience

We have run courses in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Europe including UK

Birley HIA Training: Evaluations and Testimonials

Course participants are encouraged to complete anonymous evaluation forms at the end of each module. Any issues arising can thus be addressed while training is still in process. Our health impact assessment courses benefit from this feedback and are thus continuously improved and refined – even while we are teaching it.

Anonymous Evaluation Forms from a Knowledge Level course in health impact assessment:

“The course is interesting and educative. the format is such that encourages self learning, group learning and discussions. It also allows interdisciplinary and multisectoral experience sharing”

“Course was very educative”

“The quality, typesetting and even colouring of the reading materials is wonderful, soothing and attractive. Keep it up”

“Martin, good job!!!”

“The whole programme was generally very, very good”

“Very good materials for the course – user friendly – highly informative – practical examples”

Examples of participants

Development banks
Ministries of health and environment
Environmental consultancy companies
Multinational corporations
Development agencies
Non-government organisations (NGO)

Course information leaflet. Contact us for details.

The HIA course evolution is described in:

2003    Bos R., Birley M.H., Furu P. and Engel C. “Health opportunities in development: a course manual on developing inter-sectoral decision-making skills in support of health impact assessment.” World Health Organization. Part 1 and 2: 68; Part 3: 100.

1996    Birley M.H. R. Bos C.E. Engel P. Furu.A multi-sectoral task-based course: “Health opportunities in water resources development.” Education for Health: Change in Training and Practice. 9(1) 71-83.


“He is the best HIA practitioner in the world” Robert Goodland (formerly World Bank Environmental Director)

“I heard very positive feedback from both days and people were really inspired to learn more – the object of the exercise. I wish you both success in future endeavours and have no doubt we will be calling on your skills in the future.” Dr A Martin, Health Director, BP

“I will like to congratulate you … There is no doubt that the training is a huge success. I truly benefit a lot.” HSE (Environmental) Specialist, Abuja, Nigeria

“It was an eye opener to health professionals. The training course was well organized and coordinated by both the organizers and the facilitators. All participants were given working materials. The training workshop was attended by participants from various disciplines ranging from health, environment, industries, social academicians to chemical engineer and other relevant disciplines.

The workshop training course was detailed involving field trips, and administering questionnaires to the communities. The participants were divided into 4 training groups with 6 participants per training groups and each group made presentation after each module. There were role play on HIA especially on HIV/AIDS as it will affect the workforce and communities” Chief Environmental Health Officer, Abuja, Nigeria

BirleyHIA – safeguarding community health

BirleyHIA consultants undertake HIA for Local Authorities, private & public sector organisations in collaboration with project sponsors, regulatory authorities, local communities, and other stakeholders; and within internationally accepted professional codes of practice. The firm also runs HIA training and workshops for individuals and organisations.